Montreal Skateboarder Annie Guglia is Becoming the Role Model She Never Had



“The lack of female role models in the early 2000’s almost made me quit my dream of becoming a pro skateboarder.”

Annie Guglia started skateboarding when she was 11 years old. Her story is one that many female athletes may recognize: back in 2000, her younger brother got a skateboard for Christmas. By the end of the next summer, she was hooked. Now, at 27, Annie has over a decade of professional skateboarding under her belt: she’s an X Games pro-athlete and a rep for Vans Get On Board, a program offering dedicated skateboarding workshops and lessons for women.

“As girls, we’re taught to be careful,” the Montreal-based athlete says. “Skateboarding challenges that social cage that we put young girls into...


A Trip To The Jack Daniel’s Distillery… In Lynchburg , Tennessee

In retrospect, I probably should have planned our visit to Lynchburg and the Jack Daniel’s distillery a lot better! Apparently, you can buy tickets for tours online (something I didn’t think to do), there are specific times the tours leave (I didn’t think to check this in advance) and if you want to do certain tours – they sell out fairly quickly!

Truth be told, up until that very morning, I wasn’t sure we would be able to even make it to Lynchburg.

Then part way through, I saw a sign for a waterfall which was inside a mountain (Ruby Falls, I think) and decided to make a quick detour to check it out – only to find out that it’s like a 2 hour tour (apparently you can only see it on a guided tour and those tours last a minimum of those two hours) so just thought “Sod it!” and hopp...


Camp NANOWRIMO – check out this online event to get some writing done

Do you write? If you have ever wanted to write a book then you’ve probably heard of National Novel Writing Month. The month of November has for a good many years at this point been dedicated to aspiring and established writers finishing up their novels. The same people who brought you that have another group writing program. Camp NANOWRIMO, the summer camp for writers.

This is a little different than the classic NaNoWriMo because YOU get to pick your own goal. Sure you can go with the standard 50K word novel but you don’t have to. You can choose from a number of options from how many words to how many pages or minutes you want to write during the month...


6 luxurious self-catered accommodation options for your next ski trip

For those who are used to all-inclusive, the freedom of self-catering can be a treat in itself  on Your next ski trip particularly when you have a luxury apartment to come back to after a day on the slopes. Without being tied to set meal times, you can do as you like. Dine at gourmet restaurants or bring home local delicacies for an après-ski picnic on your private balcony. With access to fabulous wellness facilities and more personal space than you’d have in a hotel, these properties are well worth considering.

Etoile Filante, Val d’Isère

Split over two floors, the palatial Etoile Filante duplex has been decorated under...


24 Hours In Nashville , Tennessee

24 Hours In Nashville, Tennessee (57)

A few months ago, we found out that British Airways was launching a new direct route from London to Nashville in Tennessee.

This new information, compounded by the fact that we’d had such an amazing time on our 3 weeks road trip across America (Florida to California) with friends meant that in mere minutes of hearing this new information, we’d already started making plans to explore more of the south of the US.

Typically, the planning might have been a lot slower but I’ve been intrigued with Tennessee for quite some time now.

It’s the home of Jack Daniels, for starters (I knew I just had to see that spring that every single drop of JDs comes from) and then there was the whole Country music, Rock and Roll, Soul and even Rockabilly music that Tennessee as a whole is known for – all o...


While Facebook might be the de facto social network, there are many who turn to LinkedIn when they want to keep their social media separate from each other, keeping personal and professional on different platforms. Now if you are an avid LinkedIn user, you might be interested with some of the updates that they have released.

One of the new features that  will be introducing to its platform comes in the form of QR codes. QR codes aren’t new but what they will do is let users connect with each other quickly. According to LinkedIn, “The next time you’re at an industry event and meet someone that you want to keep chatting with, open the LinkedIn app and scan their QR code to connect and stay in touch...


Top 20 Things to Do in Hong Kong Central

Top 20 Things to Do in Hong Kong

In the heart of Hong Kong, you will find the incredible neighborhood of Central. This swanky district is a world onto itself. You could easily spend your entire time in Hong Kong just exploring this fabulous area.

Ready to fall in love? Here are my top 20 things to do in Hong Kong Central.

Food in Hong Kong

Luk Yu Tea House for Dim Sum: You can’t not love dim sum! The Chinese version of tapas, dim sum is the perfect way to try a wide range of dishes. My all-time fave is har gow (steamed shrimp dumplings).

Peak Tram to Victoria Peak: Also know as Mount Austin or sometimes just “The Peak,” this mountain towers over Hong Kong Island and give an unbeatable view of this stunning city. It’s so gorgeous, in fact, I’d recommend going up both during the day and at night if you have time.

It’ll give you...


The Trick to Learn Weight Shift

The pros all do it and so should you. If you watch any pro golfer swing in slow motion, you can see that they reach the top of their swing (transition) and start to shift their weight from the trailing leg to their forward leg. Some call it the power move and other call it the bump. If you don’t make this move, your club will bottom out before impact with your ball and you will hit it fat or top the ball. I learned a trick that will help you make the shift for every swing.

Why Don’t  You Shift Your Weight for Every Shot?
When you are relaxed on the driving range with no pressure to make a shot, it’s easy to shift and swing through your ball. Unfortunately when you play from deep grass or when you try to hit a longer shot over water or even into the wind or out of sand, we often ten...


Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Bolivian Amazon

You can get to the Amazon rainforest from several countries in South America thanks to its central location but visiting the Bolivian Amazon certainly has its perks.

Not only can you experience two sides to this magical destination (by boat or by trekking), you can also enjoy it for significantly cheaper than other countries (not looking at you Brazil).

visiting the bolivian amazon

From avoiding those pesky mosquitos to dressing for maximum comfort and aeration (yes it is as hot as you would imagine), here is everything you need to know before taking on the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia.

1. When to go to the Bolivian Amazon

The best time to visit the Amazon is obviously during the dry season which in Bolivia is from October to May. One month either side of this is also sufficient but be sure to pack your rain gear.

visiting amazon in bolivia featured image



5 Ways To Play More Golf In The Zone

Whenever I ask players to describe their mental state during their best rounds, they all say very similar things, such as Golf in the Zone.

  • Feeling confident
  • Not having expectations or worries about score
  • A sense of freedom
  • Being in the present moment
  • Being alert and focused, with no distractions
  • Not thinking about swing mechanics, instead having full trust in their skills
  • Relaxed and calm, yet excited
  • A sense of optimism and fulfillment
  • Being emotionally balanced

Playing Golf In The Zone

The state of mind that these players are describing is synonymous with “the zone” or “flow state”, which I’m sure you’ve experienced at least once. Ironically, it happens when you least expect it to.

But what usually follows this description is the question: “How can I feel like that more of...