10 Floral-Themed Travel Essentials



Who doesn’t love pretty travel accessories? I like to add a little color to my travel days, so I’ve picked my favorite floral-themed travel items!

How about a pretty sundress that’s easy to throw on and go exploring? Or, maybe, a toiletries bag that spices up your travel beauty routine? Or a passport case that you can’t miss in your bag?

Here are my favorite floral-themed travel essentials!

1. Laptop Sleeve

I always travel with my laptop for photo organizing, editing, and staying up to date with my business, so it’s important I keep my computer protected with a laptop sleeve. I love this floral design for a pop of color!


2. Cut Out  Floral Swimsuit

I’m obsessed with cut out one-piece bikinis lately...


13 African rooms with ridiculously gorgeous views

An incredible view. If your African room looks out upon great beauty it is very difficult not to find yourself in a great mood. Waking up to a scene that carries you away is the one detail that always manages to change my day. My favorite African rooms with views that are pure poetry? Here is a current list:

1. The Outpost, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Look out across a vast and remote wilderness. Abundant and less common wildlife roam this diverse terrain. Carefully designed with clean lines that blend into the surroundings...


How to Spend 48 Hours in Queenstown



New Zealand is one of my favorite places on the planet. With incredible natural beauty, this slice of paradise is a dream destination for any nature lover. Queenstown is a mecca for extreme sports fans from all over the globe.

A lovely resort town on New Zealand’s South Island, Queenstown was one of my most unforgettable trips down under.

Love adventure? Here is how to spend 48 hours in Queenstown.

Burger in Queenstown

Day 1

Grab Breakfast (or a Burger)

Queenstown is famous for its pies and the best place to sample them is Fergbaker. I tried a kangaroo pie from there on my first trip and it was admittedly pretty disgusting, although it gave me a taste of authentic Kiwi cuisine!

I went for a veggie pie last time and loved it...


5 adventurous activities to enjoy on the Ecuador mainland

Did you know that, aside from the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is a wonderland for adventure activities and wildlife safaris, on the mainland too? Instead of hopping straight from Quito to the Galapagos, why not stay longer on the mainland and explore all that this compact country has to offer for active types – read on to discover just some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss Ecuador mainland adventures…

Safaris in the Amazon

Sometimes, when people think of visiting the mighty Amazon – the world’s greatest tropical jungle on the planet – they assume that Peru and Brazil are the places to go...


Meet the Little Spirits of Japan’s Okunoin Cemetery At Night

Guest writer Talek Nantes shares his experience visiting Okunoin Cemetery at night on Koya-san in Japan. 

The lights from the stone lanterns begin to flicker on at dusk emitting a ghostly yellow light that casts shadows among the moss-covered tombstones. Eerie sounds from screeching flying squirrels and night owls add to the otherworldly atmosphere. The Buddhist monk gathers his little tour group and leads us deep into Okunoin Cemetery.

Okunoin Cemetery

Okunoin Cemetery

Jizo Bosatsu

The most notable features along the stone paths are little statues with red woven hats and aprons. These are the Jizo Bosatsu, stone figurines that represent spiritual beings who strive for the enlightenment of all creatures, not just themselves.

They may appear quaint and cute, but they tell a sad story...


LA: watch a movie in a cemetery!

If you’re looking for what to do in Los Angeles and you’ve visited the City of Angels a gazillion times before, you’re probably looking for something new to do, and if you want the weirdest most fun thing to do in LA in summer, this is it!

But it’s not as freaky as it sounds, seeing an outdoor movie in a cemetery! Especially when everyone joins in for a massive sing song…

I’d heard about these weekly summer outdoor movies by Cinespia in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery a few years ago, and finally it worked out that I was in LA on a Sunday so finally had the opportunity to go.

We had bought our tickets online before we arrived in LA so popped into a nearby Trader Joes for a picnic, then to Walgreens for $5 picnic rugs, hailed an Uber and off we went…




This Week in Travel – Episode 239

This week Jen Leo and Chris Christensen are joined by travel guidebook writer Mark Baker from markbakerprague.com

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This Week’s News:

  • Tourist in Egypt Mona el-Mazbouh gets eight years’ jail over Facebook video
  • KLM’s new airport robot Care-E will guide you to the gate
  • It’s Easy To Scam Your Way Into Free Hotel Stays By Pretending To Be An Instagram Star

Picks of the week:

  • Jen – Travel + Leisure Newsletter
  • Mark – Moment Smart Phone lenses
  • Chris – PortaPow 1ft Data Block + Fast Charge 21AWG Lightning USB Cable – Twin Pack
This Week in Travel

This Week in Travel

This Week in Travel - Episode 239


Mercato Centrale Roma: An Italian Food Market Not to Miss

Looking for a place to satisfy your desire for good food while sightseeing in Rome? Head to Mercato Centrale Roma to feast on some of the most scrumptious food that you can find in the city. While Rome has several eateries and restaurants, this food market brings together an eclectic range of local food combined with international flavors.

You can keep coming back and taste something new every day just like I did during my stay.

Located in the Termini Station, this is among the best places to sample all kinds of delicious Italian and Roman cuisine, all under one roof. You can even get some grocery shopping done at the market. It is a place where locals and tourists from all over the world mingle and bond over food – in that sense, it is also a cultural hub.

Mercato Centrale Roma:

Mercato Centrale Roma:



3 Days in Atlanta with Kids

Wanting one last getaway before summer was over, we flew to Atlanta, Georgia for 3 days of fast-paced fun.  From Football to LEGOs to Coca-Cola, Atlanta is full of tons of fun thins to do with kids. Here is your itinerary for 3 Days in Atlanta with Kids.



Last summer on our Austin 2 Boston road trip, we had one day to spend in Atlanta.  We crammed a lot into that one day but it left us wanting more.  Luckily, we had the chance to come back to this very kid-friendly city for a long weekend and really get to explore Atlanta more.

Quite honestly, there is so much to experience and do in Atlanta, you could stay an entire week and not get bored...


Moscow’s Ukrainian restaurant…Shinok Restaurant, complete with resident cow!

If you’re looking for a dinner with a difference, head to Shinok Restaurant (Ресторан Шинок) on Moscow’s Year 1905 Street. This Ukrainian restaurant first opened its doors in 1997 and, despite its modest red brick appearance, is one of the most iconic places to dine in the Russian capital.

Shinok Restaurant

Shinok Restaurant

On entering, you make your way upstairs and are greeted by traditionally dressed waitresses – complete with flower garlands in their hair. In traditional Ukrainian culture, this wreath – or vinok – is worn by girls and young, unmarried women.

All the staff were very friendly and welcoming and, even if your Russia...