How to Choose a Caribbean Travel Cruise That’s Just Right For You

Caribbean Travel

Caribbean Travel

Cruising and the Caribbean go hand in hand. With so many options in cruising styles, travel cruises are truly for everybody. Whether you are into enjoying the 4 star amenities of a large ship perched on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or if you’d rather hike the shorelines of tucked away islands, you can be sure that there is a Caribbean travel cruise designed with you inTravel cruises come in many shapes and sizes. Traveler’s from all walks of life choose travel cruises for a myriad of reasons but all share one major reason in common; the striking natural beauty of the Caribbean. How you see yourself enjoying that natural beauty will help determine your cruising style and the cruise ship that is right for you.

When it comes to ships, size matters. The size of your ship is going to determine your Caribbean experience. Large ships are categorized into those that hold between 2,000 and 4,000 passengers. These are great for families with their extensive itinerary of on board activities including kid’s clubs, live theater, movie theatres, multiple dining options and fantastic swimming pools and spas.

The major drawback of a choosing a large ship for your Caribbean travel cruise is that it may not allow the intimacy you desire with the environment. Land excursions might be limited and the crowd might just be too loud. If that’s you, a mid size ship might be a better option. Mid size ships hold up to 1,500 passengers and often have an older crowd that is more focused on experiencing the islands. This ship size also commonly offers theme cruises designed for specific demographics including, singles, couples, and adventure travelers.

If 1,500 people still sounds like a lot, you might consider a private cruise on a yacht. Yacht cruises in the Caribbean can carry as few people as you like up to 100 passengers. These smaller yachts often have a crew well versed in the geography and history of the Caribbean. You’ll also be able to get a priceless pirate’s view of the islands as the smallest of ships navigates the channels and isles of the Caribbean.

These smaller ships are more expensive in general but that doesn’t have to take this option off of the table. If you choose a larger ship for it’s economical package, talk to your booking agent about the option of getting on a smaller yacht or sail boat for a day excursion.

Choose your cruising style but be brave enough to push your limits in order to get the most out of your Caribbean travel cruise. If you usually take in your experience from the deck of a large ship, take a day excursion walking around the scenic trails of a tiny island. If you’re an adventure traveler, spend a day taking in the cultural history of a quaint colonial Caribbean city. Mixing up your activities will send you home feeling well rested and giddy with the excitement of experiencing a new culture.

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