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4 of the Best Day Trips from Tokyo

It’s no secret that Tokyo is a tantalizing explosion for all the senses. It is a place where you can watch sumo wresters’ practice at a stable, belt out a song at a karaoke club, attend a show at the famous Robot Restaurant or eat fresh seafood at Tsukiji Fish Market. Though there is no shortage of fun things to do in Tokyo, you may want to escape the bustle of the big city to delve deeper into Japan, and you don’t have to go far to do it. The amount of day trips from Tokyo are plentiful, which make it the perfect base for any holiday. These best 4 are not only easy to get to, but also offer the perfect balance of Japanese tradition, outdoor adventure and delicious food.


Kanagawa Prefecture

Located just an hour southwest of Tokyo, the Kanagawa Prefecture draws visitors for its...


5 Winter Activities in Portland Maine That Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Although Portland’s lovely sea breeze and outdoor attractions appeal to the masses during warmer months, you will be surprised to know how many fun activities the city has to offer in winters too. It becomes a winter wonderland, where the beautiful lighthouses blanketed in snow makes you feel like you’ve actually walked inside a snow globe and just about everywhere is decorated for the holidays to help get you in the spirit.


1. See the Portland Head Light Surrounded in Snow

There are many lighthouses along Maine’s coastline from Kittery to York’s Nubble Light, but the most famous is Portland Head Light at Fort Williams Park. Completed in 1791, the quintessential lighthouse is the state’s oldest one and has a rich historic significance with spectacular ocean views.

I’ll be ...


African Safari in Tanzania: The Ultimate Itinerary and Tour

We are all familiar with the term “once-in-a-lifetime’. Right? It is reserved for those epic bucket list experiences that you feel so fortunate to have even once during your life, that you can’t even imagine being blessed enough to be able to do it a second time. An African safari in Tanzania is one of those experiences—and I was blessed twice.

The Shadows of Africa team took me on two unforgettable tours, on two similar yet still very unique itineraries. From landing at Kilimanjaro airport to searching for rhinos in Ngorongoro crater to participating in the Maasai’s traditional jumping dance, being on safari in Tanzania will be surreal whichever stops and experiences you choose. But, here’s my ultimate itinerary for a trip you will never forget too.


About Shadows of Afr...


What to Expect from the HANSEATIC Inspiration Expedition Cruise Ship

Expedition cruising is on the rise, especially for the more adventurous bucket list souls out there (like me!), but —luxury expedition cruises—is there such a thing? The answer is yes, and Hapag-Lloyd’s new HANSEATIC inspiration has them in spades. The HANSEATIC Inspiration is an international ship that allows you to explore your audacious side, while still leaving room for onboard relaxation so you can enjoy a 5-star experience on the water. Small boats combined with active itineraries will have you on a Zodiac through the glaciers of Antartica by day, and sipping champagne on your balcony by night.


About Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

Hapag-Llyod Cruises has a very long history of being an innovator in its field. In fact, they essentially were the leaders in cruising...


Silverton Bucket List: 10 Things to Do in the Southern Colorado Town

Though a really tiny town (population under 1000!) , Silverton not only has its rich history but has its fair share of visitors. Wedged in Colorado’s southern San Juan Mountains, the city’s roots may be in mining, but today its draw is mostly in adventure and heritage tourism. It’s the gateway to surrounding activities, like skiing, hiking and ATVing. But, the town itself has remained true to its authentic and old charm, rather than rounding its curves for the tourists.

1. ✧ Take the Durango-Silverton Steam Train

This historic train began its services way back in 1882, with its original reason for existing being to carry silver and gold from point A to point B. However, due to the scenery of the route it became popular amongst regular passengers...


Downtown Las Vegas Bucket List: 11 Best Things to Do Off The Strip

There are fun things to do in Downtown Las Vegas? Isn’t the Strip where the action it at? Believe it or not, Sin City is more than just the main drag where choreographed fountains dance to music, tourists crowd the streets and you hear the gleeful screams from speeding roller coasters. Just make your way a couple miles north to Downtown. There may not be dancing fountains there, but there are plenty of attractions (like the Fremont Street Experience!) and here are some of the best.

1. ✦ Get Your Photo With One Million Dollars

Do you know what it feels like to have your hands on one million dollars? Me neither. But, you can get a taste of the large sum of cold, hard cash by heading over to Binion’s Gambling Hall...


Where to See the Absolute Best Flamenco Shows in Barcelona

I am a little crazy in believe that I can do almost anything, of course within a very blurred line of reason.  After watching Flamenco in Barcelona it was completely evident that that would probably end up on the other side of the line. Their talented dancing feet moved far too swiftly for even my eyes to keep up with and I would only be able to duplicate the passion in their faces if I broke my big toe.

I really wasn’t expecting a mere dance show to be brimming with so many emotions and expressions as each dancer beautifully moves to a melodious folklore music. They clap their hands, kick their feet and snap their fingers in a rhythmic manner that will surely make you dance in your seat...


Indoor Skydive Experience: Weightlessness in a Wind Tunnel

For the record, I have jumped out of a real plane from 10,000 feet off the ground. Is was an exhilarating (and frightening) experience that I am grateful to have checked of my bucket list at a younger age while naively trying to impress a boy with my fearless nature. But, now being older and hopefully a tad bit wiser, I wanted to experience weightlessness in an safe manner—in an indoor skydiving wind tunnel.

What is Indoor Skydiving?

Indoor skydiving is gaining popularity across the world as a recreational activity because it is a way to beat the forces of gravity in a glass enclosed chamber that has a vertical wind column that pumps air at 120 MPH...


Best Quirky Café in Japan? Tokyo’s Calico Cat Café in Shinjuku

I admittedly am a dog girl, specifically puppies (because they are the cutest animals on the planet!) It is actually on my dog bucket list to be locked in a room with dozens of puppies while they lick my face with their delightful young dog breath. Is that weird? Maybe. But, not nearly as strange as the Calico Cat Café in the Shinjuku prefecture of Tokyo.

By now, cat cafes have slowly begun springing up all over the world—from Helsinki to New York. Some cities may have just the one cat café, while others have a few to choose from. And then there is Tokyo, and Japan in general, where there are plenty. And one of the best (and most popular) is the Calico Cat Café in Shinjuku.

Check out this article for more of the best things to do in Tokyo.

What is a Cat C...


Review: Traveling With G Adventures

Last Updated on March 11, 2019

Since 2010 I have been on 14 different trips with G Adventures. The fact that I’ve been on so many trips should give you an indication of what I think of the company. Not only have I been on 14 different trips with G, but I’ve traveled with them to all seven continents and to 40 countries and territories around the world. I’ve had dinner with the founder, attended their annual corporate meeting, and have served as an ambassador for the company.

I guess I know the company about as well as anyone who isn’t an employee can.

This article isn’t a review in the same way that a movie review is...